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about me

Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown

Lover of good food and experiences. I like to think that I am cultured and well-travelled but there's so many things and places that I have yet to see in this world. Originally from South Florida, I've been a Los Angeles resident since moving here for college. I love music, binge watching tv, and spending time with my Dachshund-Chihuahua Hermes.



Cupcake Theatre  |   Rent   |  Benny

LA Fringe Fest   |  You Love That I'm Not Your Wife   |  Sebastian

AMDA   |   The Secret Garden   Fakir 

Coral Springs Center for the Arts |  Disney's HSM2 On Stage |  Ryan


Akmazi Entertainment   |   ATS: Theatre Degree  |   Lead Actor/ Director

White Ninja Productions   |   Real Acting |   Rodney

BAWN INC |   Cheetah In August  |  Chanel Houston

CBS Television Studios  |  Blue Bloods  |  Army Cadet


Lennexe Films   |   Flutter Dating APP   |   Supporting Actor/Host

Chelsea Pictures  |   Sprite   |   Supporting/Best Friend

Christopher Gray   |   Nike KIT   |   Supporting/ Reporter

Anonymous Content  | Citi Bank |    Supporting/ Olympic Athlete

Training & Workshops

AMDA  |   BFA: Musical Theatre   |   Scott Connor

The Groundlings School   |   Improv |  Harmony McElliot

Killian's Commercial Class  |   Commercial Work Shop   |   Killian McHugh

Greg Dean | Stand up Comedy  |   Greg Dean

Tasha Smith Acting Workshop  |  Acting  |  Tasha Smith

Carolyne Berry Studio  |  Meisner  |   Heidi Dippold 

Special Skills

I have a pretty athletic background especially in wrestling and swimming. Cooking, song writing, Singing, Painting, Bollywood Dance, Ballet, Runway Walk

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