Rashad A. DAVIS

Actor, Model, Writer & filmmaker



A chameleon of sorts, Rashad Addy-Davis​ has found his way into the industry wearing different hats since childhood.

Rather its belting out a number in the musical RENT, walking down the runway for Pasadena Runway and for the likes of Jay -Z or being that stalker ex in the OUTFEST Awarded Best LGBT series Cheetah in August as the tumultuous best selling author Chanel Houston. 

Hailing from South Florida, with dreams in Musical Theatre, grew a man who moved to Los Angeles  with an overflowing love for film. From witnessing the ugliness of life, Rashad overcame many hardships including homelessness, extreme poverty, and sexual abuse to become the Champion he is today. Thriving to make films on the side of the oppressed and normalizing the existence of the people who are deemed on the fringes of society. This is the vehicle

Rashad uses to show that everyone deserves love.




Rashad Addy-Davis

Los Angeles CA

954 643 3004


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